Thursday, 20 August 2015

Too Faced and Stila Bargains!

I absolutely love sales/discounts and knowing i paid less than i should have on an item and thats why i love T.K Maxx. Especially today.

I always go in to the shop to see if i can find any bargains and today i did! I got unbelievably excited when i seen Too Faced and Stila on the shelves, so i grabbed a basket and started filling it up. 
Heres what i bought.

 Perfecting concealer (shade d) - RRP £15 i paid £2.99!
All over shimmer liquid luminizer (pink shimmer) - RRP £18 i paid £2.99!
Sparkle waterproof liquid eye liner (sequins) - RRP £14 i paid £2.99!
Eye shadow (pigalle) - RRP £12 i paid £2.99!
Eye shadow trio (gilded) - RRP £16 i paid £3.99!

Too Faced
Amazing Face Oil Free Liquid Foundation (warm cocoa) - RRP £26.63 i paid £7.99!
Air Buffed BB Creme (nude glow) - RRP £28.54 i paid £7.99!

All together i should have paid a total of £130.17 but at the discounted prices i only paid £31.93

I SAVED £98.24
I am so so happy with that.
I admit i didn't need all of these products but i couldn't leave them in the shop so i'll find a use for them.

Quick Review...

Thick but spreads/blends easily, good coverage but i won't be using this without other concealers to back me up. 

Such good pigmentation! The trio colours blend well. The colours go perfect together. The red/pigalle eye shadow was exactly what i was looking for, i have been wanting a dark red eyeshadow for sometime and this one is possibly my new favourite.

liquid is thick and easy to apply. I'll be using this as a highlighter for my cheekbones. I prefer white highlighters but this gives my face more warmth. 

I didn't think twice when i picked this product up. Its black, glitter, liquid eyeliner, i love glitter and black is what i wear most. I thought i would struggle putting it on but it was really easy, i advise you to minimise the amount of liquid on the brush before applying.

BB Creme
Comes with a brush, such an easy application and really good coverage. I've wanted a bb creme for a while but never bothered to purchase one so as soon as i seen this i bought it.

The was one foundation left and it was far too dark to wear all over my face but i wanted it. So i bought it, I'm going to be using this to contour. Im really impressed with the foundation, i didn't expect it to be so good, it is thin but has amazing coverage, I'm thinking about buying it in my shade for everyday use.

I literally felt like i was stealing the items because of the low prices, the employees then thought i was actually stealing when the alarms went off when i was leaving and had to get escorted back to the till then back out of the store!

Im impressed with every item, i 100% got my moneys worth. Not one product that I'm disappointed with. Im going back to T.K Maxx for beauty blenders and i'll continue to keep my eyes open for more good bargains.



  1. All these products are fab and at a fraction of the RRP!

  2. Too Faced Foundations are really good in general! I wish I could find as good a deal as you did!

  3. i've got some nars makeup from tk maxx before! and saw a small selection of chanel stuff too. amazing :)

    1. i wish the stores where i live would sell chanel!!

  4. What a bargain! I love both Stila and Too Faced, they're some of my favourites :)

    1. i know how good!! i picked up a few more things too!!