Thursday, 6 August 2015

Recommended Books

Every month i will be sharing the books that i have read with you all and basically telling you if they're worth reading or not. As i have only just started my blog ill give you 5 books iv enjoyed reading the most. 

The Art of Being Normal by Lisa Williamson is a must it was one of those books that you can't put down but when you eventually do, you pick it back up. Im not going to give anything away but if you support transgender then yes, read this book.

Rules of Summer and Since Last Summer by Joanna Philbin. I read the first book (Rules of Summer) a while back and waited and waited for the follow on to be released and i read it straight away. The thing that annoyed me was the huge difference in size to the first book and it also only came in hardback! I need everything matching so I'm gutted about that. I was hooked on the second as i was the first. The books made me want to be living their life, in a beach house in america drenched with sun everyday. But living where i do, i am very far from that. 

Don't Even Think About It and Ten Things We Shouldn't Have Done by Sarah Mlynowski. Very very good. I love the way both of these books are wrote and i also love the covers. Ten Things is addictive and is definitely what most teens would want their life to be similar to. Don't Even Think About it is different to the typical books about love. Its fun and if you wish you could read someones mind then go buy this book. There is currently a follow on book to this and it is coming soon and i can't wait!!

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If anyone has any questions then please ask!

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  1. What a great selection of reads! We have similar taste in books, luckily I found a few new ones I wanted to read also. I wanted to follow your blog but didn’t know how. Do you have bloglovin? Your blog seems lovely so far!! Have a nice weekend :-) Xxx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Thank you very much Helen!! We will have to exchange books, yeah i have bloglovin! You could help me out and show me how to add a follow button? I'd really appreciate it xxx

    2. Hi Rochelle! That’s okay. Yes I’m on a book website called if you want to exchange fav books on there look for ‘capstick13’ and you should find me. I’m now following you on google+ so can keep track of your posts on here too! :-)

      If you want a follow button for bloglovin you have to copy and paste a code onto your blog. It’s what’s called a ‘widget’ basically meaning button. Here is the link with all the info: hope you get on okay. My blog is with so I would go to my template on there and copied the widget code on there. Or even just a link to my bloglovin page.

      I don’t think I have a bloglovin button on my blog though. What I’ve done is just created a link with Html or You could maybe do this too? Using a logo or just text?

      Hope that helps in some way!! Best of luck! :-)

      Helen Xxx

    3. Thank you for that it was all helpful! xxx