Tuesday, 11 August 2015

My Daily Eye Care Routine

For as long as i can remember now i have been using these two Garnier products under my eyes religiously, every day. 

The first one i use is the green one which is an under eye roll on which gets rid of bags and dark circles. It works but it's a product that you have to use for a week or two to see results. When applying it, it is wet but so cool and fresh, its actually a really nice feeling to wake up your eyes on a morning.
After this product has dried, i apply the next which is a BB cream and i never go anyway without wearing it. it is part of my make up routine when I'm going anywhere! I use it as a concealer and its great i really recommend it to anyone who wants to conceal under their eyes. All you have to do is roll it on and blend it in.

I recommended it to a friend after she asked what i used and she loved it.

Garnier, you did good.

Roche x